Williams Pandemic Covid-19 Historical Quilt

Www.pandemicquilt.com is Williams web page This Page is setup on Green Roof Farms to sponsor William Stich in his efforts to take the Pandemic Quilt he made and bring it to the world. This will require a heavy lift by him for continuous effort in the year(s) ahead but also through donations by others to help him reach his goal. A GoFundMe has been setup by William and this page links you to his stories in the media, progress, and the GoFundMe that he setup which you see above in the green donation button. All proceeds are managed by William Stich and this is just a web-page that is setup to have one spot to follow Williams story and link to his GoFundMe. Please help contribute to this amazing vision on the pandemic quilt to bring it to the world Even a dollar helps get this quilt around the world…. Please share and please consider donating to help further this high school students vision. Click here to donate to this amazing goal to get this quilt around the world in a multi-year project this teen has set as his goal. He has put on the GoFundMe the full plan for how the money you donate will go towards his vision to have this Quilt travel the world.

Here is the news covering William Stich Smith making his Pandemic Quilt YouTube video

William made a matching plague doctor mask out of scraps to accompany the quilt on display

More News and Updates on Williams Progress:

William was just written up in a men’s sewing magazine called Mr. X Stitch, check it out here… https://www.mrxstitch.com/quilty-pleasures-will-stich-a-pandemic-quilt/

The front layout being marked for the block orientation to give the right balance. Next comes the sashing and binding followed by finishing the back stamp panels for the countries this quilt will visit.

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